“I grew up on a horse farm in Virginia and have loved animals since day one. My hope is to be able to diminish the suffering of these dogs and other animals by offering shelter, food and health care while we work on finding them great homes. I am blessed with great volunteers and friends who are apart of finding homes for these unwanted dogs. Each year we have a greater impact because of the volunteers and financial support we receive from the community. Thank you"

Meet Julia

Executive Director

Meet Jack

Director, Donor Relations

“Jack has been bringing dogs to safety since 2008. He donates countless hours and the use of his plane to transport dogs on behalf of rescues like Greenmore Farm.  Jack says, " While local rescues cannot save every dog at risk in high kill shelters, they do save thousands of animals. It's a privilege to work with rescues like Greenmore Farm." 

Meet Beth

Greenmore Adoption Team 

"Animals have always been and will be a part of my life. These loving animals come to the farm with so many sad stories. Being a volunteer at Greenmore Farm has allowed me to share my love for animals with those animals who do not know what love is. It is amazing to see the difference in these animals from when they first arrive to when they leave with their new “forever family”. Walking, talking, feeding and playing ball with these animals are just a few of the things I enjoy doing while I am here."

"I've always loved animals; even to the point I wanted to become a Vet but pursued Accounting instead. My sister-in-law introduced me to the rescue when she texted me they were looking for volunteers. I'm pictured with my dog Izzy who I fostered in March 2016 and became a foster "fail" a month later. It's been a very rewarding experience to see these dogs find forever homes and be part of the adoption process.” 

Adoption Team

Meet Vickie

Correspondence Volunteer

"My dog Maggie was and will always be the love of my life. She was a rescue from Adopt a Spot rescue in Chesapeake Virginia who was two days from being put down. She was found emaciated and tied to a tree in TN. I miss her everyday and I mean everyday. Her unconditional love and companionship inspired me to volunteer and help rescue other wonderful dogs. She died of kidney disease five months after my father, who also loved Maggie with all his heart."

Meet Jean