What to bring to your appointment:
If you want a meet and greet, your welcome to bring family members and/or current dog(s)
Please bring a leash for your new furry friend
Please bring your form of payment (which is tax deductible)
Forms of payment are: 
 * cash, 
 * cashier's check 
 * money order 
Payment to: Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue
* Credit and Debit cards: a $25 service fee will be added to your donation for this form of payment.

Any items that you may wish to donate to the rescue. Suggestions are paper towels, newspaper,
old bath towels, bleach, laundry detergent, tennis balls etc. 

You can also check out our wish list ​

What are your adoption donations?
Currently for adult dogs our adoption fee is $350 and for puppies it is $400. The donation is tax deductible and includes the immunizations, wormer, health certificate,microchip and safety collar. Most dogs over 6 months of age are neutered prior to adoption. If you puppy/ dog has not yet been neutered you will be asked to give a $75 refundable deposit.

Where do the dogs come from that you have in the rescue?
The dogs come to us from a variety or locations. We have a few dogs here who are owner surrenders…..dogs that can no longer be cared for by their owners for a variety or reasons. These dogs are often house trained and a little older. Most of the dogs at Greenmore come to us from “high kill” shelters in rural areas of Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio and the Carolinas where the culture for dogs is very different than our area and where people do not spay and neuter their pets. They come to us by volunteer transport and have had some initial temperament assessment, veterinary care and shots done. The dogs all have a Health Certificate which means a Veterinarian has indicated that they are in good physical condition. Most of the dogs are friendly but have had limited training on the leash and so forth. Some may be a bit shy when they first arrive and we work with them.

What shots has my new dog had?
All the dogs have Rabies (1 year), DHLPP ( first of three), a heart worm test and some initial wormer for intestinal worms.

What is heartworm?  What are the recommendations for heartworm testing?
Heartworm is a parasite transmitted to dogs by a mosquito bite. ​When left untreated these worms can grow and attack the dogs heart circulatory system. Heartworm is treated by a combination of worm medicines and antibiotics over a period of a few months. If caught early these dogs have normal life expectancies. We occasionally have Heartworm Positive dogs in the rescue undergoing treatment while waiting to be adopted. If you choose one of these dogs we typically supply the medication to complete their treatment. Following the treatment these dogs will need another blood test to confirm that they are clear of the parasite.

Puppies under seven months of age can be started on heart worm prevention without a heartworm test.  It takes at least six months for a dog to test positive after it has been affected. Your veterinarian will guide you on the proper timing for heart worm testing for your puppy/dog.  

With our dogs we provide information on all of the care that was provided by us. Most of the dogs do receive heartworm testing by either us or a previous vet. We do not provide a guarantee that all dogs are heartworm free. 

What if I adopt a dog and it just is not a good fit for my family?
All the dogs are returnable….in fact we prefer you bring them back to us as opposed to giving them to someone who may not be the best fit for them. We like everyone to allow for an adjustment period with their new dog and realize that these guys have been moved around quite a bit and will need a few weeks or more to really shine. We will make every effort to find a better match for your family in cases where it is just not working. Adoption donations to the rescue are typically non-refundable as they are our sole source of revenue. The only time we don not take a dog back is if in the rare case where it would become aggressive to people; we do not knowingly adopt out dogs who can be potentially harmful to anyone and aggressive dogs can not be re-homed.

What do I need to bring with me when I come to adopt a dog?
Please bring a leash if you have one, your dog will have a collar on. You may want a crate to secure your dog in the car or a harness to safely tie him/her in the back seat while you drive home. It is a good idea to have someone with you when traveling long distances with your new dog for the first time. Bring your adoption donation by cash, cashiers check or credit card/debit card. A towel is a good idea for the seat of your car if the weather is wet. We will give you some of the food the dogs are currently eating to mix in with whatever you choose to feed your dog once home. 

What do I feed my new dog?
We feed adult dogs once daily here unless they are under weight. Most of the dogs have kibble with warm water on it. If you are adopting a picky eater we will address this with you on the day of adoption. We have canned food here we can give you if needed to get you started.

You adopt dogs out on a “First Come Basis” what does this mean?
This means that if three families all have approved applications in on the same puppy/dog and the Smith family can come tomorrow and you can only come out on Saturday……the Smith family has first choice to adopt the puppy/dog.

Do you give discounts for people who adopt two or more dogs, for senior citizens or for disabled people?
We are not able to allow some groups of people to donate less than others. Donations to the rescue are our only source of revenue and thats what keeps us going. The donation you make to the rescue goes toward the cost of spay and neuter for the next dogs coming in and for the ongoing costs to operate the kennels.

What does the adoption agreement look like?
Below you will find the adoption agreement for dogs and puppies as well our spay and neuter agreement.

Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue
246 Clonmell Upland Rd, West Grove,PA 19390
We post all our dogs on:
Fill out an application and email it us!
What do I have to do to adopt an Animal?

Step 1: Fill out an online application.

Step 2: We will review your application. This may take up to five days.

Step 3: Wait. We will contact you to discuss your application. Once approved we will               call you back to schedule a meet & greet.

Step 4: Come in for a meet and greet. The team will review the appropriateness of the                 new dog and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 5: Take your new pet home.

(Please do not schedule an adoption appointment until you are ready to bring home your pet. Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue can not hold or board your pet.)

In order to come to the Greenmore Farm animal Rescue to see any of our wonderful animals, you must first complete an adoption application. The application link is located at the top of this page.

Once your application is submitted, the review process begins. The adoption team reviews your application for completeness and contacts your veterinarian and / or personal references. First time pet owners, with no previous veterinarian, should not be discouraged.

Upon completion of this 3-5 business day process, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail. The adoption team representative will let you know if you were approved or why you were not approved.

Finally, adoptions are done by appointment only. Once your application is approved , an appointment time that works best for you and your family will be scheduled with a Greenmore Farm adoption representative. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday. Special arrangements can be made if a Sunday appointment is required.

What qualifications do I need as an adopter?
1. All past and present pets (cats and dogs) in the home must have a history of routine annual wellness visits at a veterinarian, be up to date on their shots, and be spayed or neutered.

2. If you have children 10 or under years of age, we require a fenced in yard, enclosing the doors of the home, for the safety of the dog. In some cases, an electric fence may be appropriate.

Answers to your Questions.
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