There is no greater satisfaction than giving love to a hopeless animal and watching them become the loving pet they were meant to be.

"Rhett is just the cutest little boy"
We are head over heels in love with Rhett (formerly Rocky). He is just the cutest little boy. My friend describes him as, "So Stinking Cute"! Thank you, Julia for bringing him to Greenmore from a high kill shelter, and for bringing Rhett together with us. He is just the best little cuddle bug, and gets along great with our two other rescues. We will be forever grateful to everyone at Greenmore Farm!

United with Watson!
I adopted Woody (now renamed Watson) a week ago, and I already love him to death! Julia and her team are amazing, and I can't thank them enough for uniting me with Watson!

Amazing experience
Great staff and facility. We will send you updates! Thanks again. 

Thank you for rescuing Trixie!
Julia, We adopted Bella, now renamed Trixie, almost a week ago. We love her to very much and all of our neighbors are crazy about her. Took her to the vets today for some vaccinations. Doctors say she is quite healthy. Has developed some itchiness but treating it with benedryl. She has been outstanding in the potty training area. Did #1 three time in the house, no #2 in the house so far. We take her out every hour and will be working on 1.5-2 hours this week. Knows "sit," "come" "fetch," and "stay." She is an excellent sleeper in her cage at night, going for 9 hours or more with no complaints. She is a keeper. Thank you for rescuing her.

Drake completed our family! 
Julia and everyone at Greenmore are angels here on earth! What you do day in and day out for these precious animals in need really is a blessing. We have a four year old Australian Cattle Dog that we've been searching for a brother for and came across Greenmore that had the most beautiful Male Australian cattle dog I've ever seen. We met him in person and he was the sweetest! He was the perfect match for our Shyla! I just want to thank you for our addition to our family and for everything you do. You are loved!

Hi Julia! I just wanted to thank you again. 
He has definitely made our family complete! You are so wonderful for what you do. I wish I could save them all.
Love to you all!!

Gabbie is the sweetest!
We adopted Gabbie from Greenmore she is the sweetest, and the adoption process was thurough but simple, and the shelter is amazing and staff so incredibly kind!!! We are so happy we adopted thru you!!!

Princess Nikki rescued me three years ago on March 29th. 
What a blessing. Julia, you are so appreciated for the wonderful work you do. Greenmore Farm is such a beautiful place and it has come a long way since you became part of it. I truly thank you and all the great people who help. (Nikki was transported from Ohio) The chunky monkey and I are so grateful to have each other. Thanks again.

Mickey has quickly become apart of our family!
A huge thank you to all of the volunteers at the Greenmore Animal Farm Rescue for taking care of Mickey until he could find his forever home with us. In just a few days Mickey has bonded with our family. He has enjoyed long walks in the snow and has happily run a perfectly paced very muddy five mile trail run with me. And even though he was a little shaky with the bath he got afterwards he did lick my face the whole time:) He seems very happy in our house and appears to prefer the leather couch in our den where he loves to cuddle with us. Thank you for helping him find us and making him part of our family.

Bob and DianeThankYOU from a Volunteer!
I've transported dogs to Greenmore since 2010 and each time I go there, I am truly impressed with the great care, love and compassion of everyone there and the warm welcome received. The animals all seem so relaxed and happy. Julia is an angel to the animals. Thank you for ALL you do.

River is an awesome dog! 
He acts like he has lived here his entire life. It amazes me how he can walk in here and feel so at home. He has been perfectly behaved, took a long walk with us last night, and even slept next to me the entire night. Just what I needed! My husband is bonding with him and is impressed with his manners. He will meet two of the grandchildren today and then head to the Poconos on a road trip. I was mistakenly sending you pictures yesterday thinking I was texting my daughter. I don't know how that happened, but I'm glad you got to see him settled in. That took about two minutes! Thanks again for sharing this wonderful boy with us - he is a true gentleman. 

Elton found a home!
"Last year I adopted a 3 year old miniature schnauzer from the greenmore farm animal rescue. My mini schnauzer, Elton, has been the biggest joy in my life. I am so thankful for the greenmore farm and for Julia who gave me my best friend."

We love Jane!
We are so happy we live close by to this wonderful place. We couldn't be happier with our Jane! Thank you for all that you do!

Heart of Gold
Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue is just an awesome place for the wonderful animals to live there until they find their forever homes. Julia Altman has a heart of gold and a love for animals that is hard to explain. Be sure to check them out when looking for an addition to your family. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Julia, for all you do for these animals.

Worth the Distance
Great place for rescue animal,we traveled from Williamsburg, VA to adopt Abbey a female collie, well worth the distance and very pleasant experience. Thank you Julia and Greenmore farm.

Foster turned Forever
Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue is beautiful. The animals are well taken care of. Julia is caring and dedicated to the animals care that she rescues. We planned to foster MARTIN for the holidays. Well, we are FOSTER FAILURES. Martin gets along well with our other two rescued chihuahua mixes. They sleep together and run and play together. He has definitely stolen our hearts. His disposition is loving and gentle. We are so happy we found Julia's Rescue. Martin has his forever home and we love him very much. If we are looking to adopt in the future, we will definitely contact Julia and Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue. Thank you for what you do, Julia.

Sweetest Personality
We adopted a wonderful little dog from there and have been so happy with her she is part dachshundlevel 3 and English springer spaniel level 3 and level 4 Australian Cattle - and she has the sweetest personality and she has responded well to us - Thanks Julie again she has been a blessing

Bringing Maple Home
My husband and I just met our dog Maple. What a nice facility and Julia was kind and wonderful with all the animals. Looking forward to bringing Maple home!!!

Thankful for our dog Fern
We were blessed with our dog Fern, who was rescued by Greenmore back in March. What a great place. So thankful for them
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