Any amount is appreciated.   
We are a local, nonprofit organization that only receives donations from people like you. (we are not supported by any larger organization) ​

You may make a donation by:
* paypal to 
* personal check, cashiers check or money order may be mailed to:
Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue 
246 Clonmell Upland Rd West Grove, PA 19390

Next to lending a helping hand to people in need, one of the noblest things a person can do is to help those without a voice; homeless companion animals in the community. By volunteering at Greenmore Farm you will without a doubt be making a difference in the lives of animals and in your life as well.
We are always in need of the following ​items for the animals in our care:

Pedigree Brand WET dog and puppy food
Dry Cat food - any type
Washable dog toys without stuffing
Leashes 6 ' length
Any flea or tic products such as Frontline or Capstar
Large bottles of Bleach
Antibacterial cleaners of any type
Laundry soap
Paper towels
Puppy pads
​Natural Beef Bones, knuckles, and raw hide

Most Needed: 
Gift cards to Lowes, Petsmart, Petco, Staples, Walmart

Thank You for making life better for these loving dogs!

Click Here for a list of specialty items that we need.
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Amazon donates a portion of the purchase price to Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue Inc. 

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Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue
246 Clonmell Upland Rd, West Grove,PA 19390
Most importantly, your donation allows us to continue rescuing animals from these high kill shelters.  
Looking for a useful and thoughtful gift for a dog lover in your life? 
Maybe a friend has recently lost a pet or family member and you really want to give a gift that makes a difference….

All of these gift options come with a hand written gift card or note appropriate for your loved one, explaining the wonderful thing you have done to support a dog in need in their honor.

Here are some ideas:

1.Sponsor a Puppy
Puppies mean life, happiness and hope for the future to just about everyone. What a great way to remind everyone that life goes on!
Sponsoring a Puppy means your donation of $50 will provide, food, shots, Veterinary care and dewormer for that puppy while he/she are in the rescue waiting for their forever family to adopt them.

2.Sponsor an Adult Dog
This gift of $50 provides food, vaccinations and toys for an adult dog who has been in the shelter for a while and who may have given up hope.

3. Remote Adoption
Are you living in a condo, unable to care for a dog or your lifestyle will not accommodate a dog? 
Consider remote adoption! This is a new concept in adopting a dog. With this gift you are giving on a monthly basis to support the dog of your choice with medications, toys, food, grooming and everything he or she could need to have a happy life!  You will get video’s of your dog, a letter from him/her and regular picture updates for your gift of $50/month.​

For any of these options use the paypal link below to make a contribution.  

In the notes section of the payment include:

* GIFT OPTION 1: Sponsor a Puppy  (one time payment)
 * GIFT OPTION 2:  Sponsor a Dog    (one time payment)
 * GIFT OPTION 3: Remote Adoption  (this will initially be a one time payment, we will contact you to set up a reoccurring payment)

When checking out of paypal, please include the following information if you would like a handwritten letter.
Please include the name of the person you want to send a letter too, there address and what you would like your message to be.  

Sponsor a puppy or adult dog!
Our volunteers help make the world a more humane place for animals. If you are interested in volunteering at the farm, or fostering a dog, please fill out the appropriate application.

Fill out an application to volunteer or foster a dog!
Veterinarian Care
One of the most surprising and unexpected expense at the rescue is medical expenses for our beloved dogs. Apart of there care to recovery can be costly. 

If you have the ability to help with some of these costs please click the link to paypal and make a donation.​​

Our Wish List
Make a Donation
Transport continues to be a major concern for Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue. Many times we are aware of dogs in need, in high kill locations, but cannot arrange the transport in time to bring them up to the safety of the farm before they're euthanized.

Often volunteer transport is not available, and we have to try to arrange expensive commercial transport. Our volunteer pilots and drivers do the best they can, but budgets are tight every where, and fuel & other vehicle expenses keep going up.

For example, we regularly fly dogs (five or six at a time) out of Beckley, WV. The fuel costs alone are approximately $250.​

Specify "Transportation" when making a donation or filling out the volunteer application.
Transportation Help