The purpose of Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue is to provide shelter, medical care and nurturing for animals facing life-threatening situations. 

Our goal is to find forever-loving homes for these animals.

"Ever since I adopted my third dog from Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue, I was able to see what an amazing organization it was. It was obvious that the animals were well nourished and loved. I then made it my obligation to help the dogs in anyway I could. I began fostering the dogs that needed it, even a whole litter at once! I love helping the animals out by giving them a head start on house training, giving them a loving home to stay in, and matching their personalities up with their perfect forever home!"
Meet Stephanie!  She is our photographer and part of the adoption team.
Stephanie has several dogs of her own and also provides foster for puppies that come into the rescue.
"My name is Beth and I live in Delaware. Animals have always been a part of my life and continue to be. These loving animals come to the farm with so many sad stories. Being a volunteer at Greenmore Farm has allowed me to share my love for animals with those animals who do not know what love is. It is amazing to see the difference in these animals from when they first arrive to when they leave with their new “forever family”. Walking, talking, feeding and playing ball with these animals are just a few of the things I enjoy doing while I am here. Fostering allows my family and I to enrich the life of some of the most neediest animals that have come to Greenmore Farm."
Meet Beth! Part of the adoption team here at Greenmore
"I've always loved animals; even to the point I wanted to become a Vet but pursued Accounting instead. I'm pictured with my "dog niece" Penny who was adopted from Greenmore Farm three years ago. My sister-in-law introduced me to the rescue when she texted me they were looking for volunteers. It's been a very rewarding experience to see these dogs find forever homes."
Greenmore Rescue Volunteer - Meet Vickie
Jack has been bringing dogs to safety since 2008. He donates countless hours and the use of his plane to transport dogs on behalf of rescues like Greenmore Farm.  Jack says, " While local rescues cannot save every dog at risk in high kill shelters, they do save thousands of animals. It's a privilege to work with rescues like Greenmore Farm."
Meet Jack! Our resident pilot, and lifelong dog lover.  
He flies rescue missions for Pilots-n-Paws as well as Animal Rescue Flights. 
"Growing up around animals and having a brother that is a Vet, Annie has a deep love for animals. She followed her heart to Greenmore Farm to help care for and find forever homes for our 4 legged friends that truly deserve a loving family."
Meet Annie!  She is apart of our Adoption Team and does Doggersize 
“ I grew up on a horse farm in Virginia and have loved animals since day one. My hope is to be able to diminish the suffering of these dogs and other animals by bringing them here, offering shelter, food and health care while we work on finding them great homes. Having the rescue on my farm is a labor and a passion at the same time; it is all worth it to see the excitement and happiness when a dog that would otherwise be dead, meets his/her new family. I am blessed with great volunteers and friends who support me and fill in the blanks when I just cant do everything.  Our ability to find homes for these unwanted dogs increases each year because of the financial support we receive from the community."
Julia….Owner Operator of Greenmore Farm and Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue 501c3 established in 2010
"My dog Maggie was and will always be the love of my life. She was a rescue from Adopt a Spot rescue in Chesapeake Virginia who was two days from being put down. She was found emaciated and tied to a tree in TN. I miss her everyday and I mean everyday. Her unconditional love and companionship inspired me to volunteer and help rescue other wonderful dogs. She died of kidney disease five months after my father, who also loved Maggie with all his heart."
We are happy to have Jean as part of our Volunteer Team!
Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue
246 Clonmell Upland Rd, West Grove, PA 19390
Meet Jack! Our resident pilot, and lifelong dog lover, flies rescue missions for Pilots-n-Paws as well as Animal Rescue Flights. 
Self proclaimed “Greeter”, this Great Pyrenees will show you the way to the kennels!
Lilly will be the first volunteer you meet when you visit the farm!
 “I love volunteering with animals because all animals have the need to communicate and have relationships with humans…….we need to learn to listen to them.”
Steve loves working around the farm. 
"Jen and Emma are a mother and daughter team at Greenmore Farm. They said " We adopted our dog from Greenmore and fell in love with both. By volunteering, we are able to help other dogs be safe, fed and clean until they can find happy homes of their own."
Meet Volunteers, Jen and Emma 
I have always felt a responsibility to help animals. In my 20's, I worked for an animal welfare organization in DC, helping to get laws passed to protect animals from abuse and raising national awareness about the importance of spay/neuter programs, etc. Since then, I support humane education and have adopted several amazing rescue dogs. Being a volunteer with Greenmore is a hands-on way to help, transporting dogs to be spayed & neutered, and spending time with the dogs. I really admire their mission of saving animals from dire circumstances, and the caring, peaceful and fun atmosphere at the rescue. 
Adele volunteers as a hands-on way to help animals.
"We adore animals. When we adopted our second dog from Greenmore during our visit we fell in love with the people and mission. It gives us such joy to volunteer here to just get away from the pressures of life and enjoy the wonderful selfless love these animals at the rescue have to give... even if they have experienced horrible things they manage to give love and receive it. Their fortitude is inspiring and humbling."
Meet Volunteers Sonia and Charlie
"In a perfect world, every home would have a dog and every dog would have a home. Greenmore is making this a reality for so many dogs and I'm thrilled to be a part of the team!"
Meet Wife and Husband Volunteers Jen and Dave
"In my day job, I’m a Law Professor focusing on Animal Law -- a specialty I got into because of my love for animals, especially dogs. I would also describe myself as an outdoors enthusiast who has truly internalized the “it’s too nice to be indoors” refrain that I heard throughout my childhood. Few things make me happier than spending time outdoors with good people and good dogs. Volunteering at Greenmore has been so rewarding in so many ways; I love everything about the time I spend there: great dogs, great people, and the beautiful setting! I especially love doing adoptions and seeing these great dogs go to their loving forever homes. And we are lucky enough to be the forever home of a sweet and wonderful former Greenmore dog, Finn, who just lights up our life every day!"
Meet Volunteer Susan
My name is Melanie Sieber and I love volunteering at Greenmore Farms! I have had animals my whole life. My dog Trudy and I are a Master Certified Pet Therapy Team with PAWS for People. I truly appreciate the benefits of sharing life with an animal. Greenmore makes placing the right animal with the right owner a priority. The people at Greenmore are very passionate about what they do, and they make a difference in the life of every animal they rescue. It’s a pleasure to be around such terrific people and animals!!! 
Meet Volunteer Melanie
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